Carpet Cleaning

White Vinegar, the best all round carpet stain remover

Carpet is a beautiful, soft and a warm furnishing to have throughout the house. It feels great under bare foot and keeps the warmth in during winter. Unfortunately carpet can be difficult to clean and can stain permanently.

To remove stains there are a lot of carpet stain remover products that make claim to being magic stain removers. We decided to independently test the common carpet stain removers found on Australian supermarket shelves. We  tested them alongside normal household white vinegar against stains like beetroot, curry, spaghetti, red wine and cordial that we had put on white carpet 12 hours prior.

White vinegar was the clear all-round best at removing these stains.

The procedure we used and what you should do at home is as follows:

  • First remove as much as the spill as you can with dry paper towels.
  • In a bowl mix 1 part vinegar to 7 parts water
  • Soak a clean white small cotton towel with the vinegar mix and dab at the stain.
  • Refresh the towel with the vinegar mix and repeat as necessary.
  • Apply pressure with your foot if you like but never rub carpet.

A dirty carpet can look unsightly, have an odour and even harvest bacteria.
Fortunately experienced carpet cleaning companies with good equipment can perform amazing cleaning results even with heavily soiled carpet fibers. At the same time a good company should be able to offer tile cleaning and grout cleaning.

Here are a couple of tips to extend the life of your carpet by a decade.

  • Have Mats at the house entry points for people to wipe their shoes.
  • Regularly vacuum to remove dry soiling and prevent premature traffic area wear.
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned by a reputable company once a year.
  •  Apply protection to the areas where spills are likely to prevent permanent staining.
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