Paver Cleaning

The Secret To Easy Paver Cleaning

With the weather starting to warm up, now is the time to start paver cleaning. Soon we will be entertaining our guests outside while we throw another steak on the barby ?

Its easy to let our outside entertaining areas get away from us over the winter and mould growth can be a problem. Mouldy tiles can cause a slip risk and are unsightly to look at.

Here are 5 easy steps to cleaning your tiles, stone and concrete without damaging the surfaces.

Step 1: Start with high pressure cleaning to remove the surface moulds and dirt. Don’t get to close with the end of the pressure cleaning tip as damage may occur to soft substrates like travertine’s, limestone’s and concrete pavers.

 Step 2: Apply with a watering can a thin layer of 1 to 5 parts Liquid Pool Chlorine and water and give a like light scrub with a broom. If the surface starts to dry, keep applying the chorine mix so the surface stays wet for 15 minutes.

Note: if its moulds and dirt you are trying to remove use Liquid Pool Chlorine or 30 Seconds Cleaner. For oil and grease stain removal use Selleys Original Sugar Soap.

Caution: Never use acidic cleaners on sensitive pavers and stone.

 Step 3: After 15 minutes dwell time let the surface almost dry then start pressure cleaning again. By letting it almost dry this will limit the chemicals in the rinse water so you don’t get excess chemical run off into your lawn or garden. You will find the deep staining will pressure wash off very easy and the results will start to be rewarding.

Step 4: With a watering can apply another thin layer of the same chlorine and water mix concentrating more on the areas that need it. Go have a cup tea and by the time you come back your paving or tiled area will look amazing.

Step 5: Final quick pressure rinse and enjoy your cleaning results:

You may want to think about sealing your area with a quality penetration sealer to make your clean pavers stay clean for years to come.

Here at Fusion Cleaning and Sealing we specialize in paver sealing and concrete sealing. FCS can restore and customize the entry to your home. We also offer a range of advanced driveway cleaning and concrete overlay services.

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