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Why Steam Cleaning a Carpet is More Sanitary Than Vacuuming or Shampooing

You vacuum your carpet frequently. And when there’s stain, it’s time to use the shampooer. That’s all it takes to perfectly maintain your carpet, right? Wrong!

There’s good reason why experts recommend steam cleaning as a carpet cleaning method above the conventional shampooing.

Notice that you spend well over 90 percent of your time in your dwelling or workplace. Isn’t it only too obvious that these places hugely affect your health? It’s crucial that your workplace or dwelling space be kept free from harmful pollutants.

Drapes, blinders, ceilings and flooring can harbour dirt and harmful allergens in your dwelling or office space, but carpets are often the chief culprit in this regard.

While most carpet cleaning methods leave remarkable results as far as tidiness is concerned, when it comes to hygiene, no method compares to steam cleaning. Here’s why.

Vacuuming only eliminates surface debris

vacuum carpet cleaningTo vacuum floors frequently such as on a daily basis is common across the country. The practice helps remove pollutants and leave flooring fabric looking spotless. Vacuuming and other spot cleaning techniques can effectively help prolong the life of your carpet. However, they can only remove debris at the surface of the carpet.

To fully eliminate the dirt, dust mites, pet hair and other stubborn debris that dig their way further deep in the fibres, you need a different approach a carpet pet stains & odour treatment

Shampoo is only effective on modest stains

carpet shampooingWhen stubborn stains are involved, shampoo cleaning tends to leave less than appealing results. Shampooing works by producing generous amounts of foam that break up the dirt, mild stains and other undesirable particles stuck on the fibre strands. The foam also has a lubricating texture that minimises any likely damage to the fibres as they are rubbed against the coarse brush surface. This process has the advantage of producing fast, effective results when modest stains are involved.

It is however highly unsuitable for higher traffic areas that become dirty quickly since it takes long for a carpet to dry after shampooing.

Steam cleaning offers a superior alternative

carpet steam cleaningThere is the benefit of instant drying when steam cleaning a carpet is used. While the use of water-based shampoos often means longer drying times, steam cleaned carpets tend to dry reasonably promptly. This way, re-soiling is always minimised as long as the carpet is dried thoroughly before it is used again.

Steam cleaning also creates less discolouration. Many carpet cleaning methods often significantly affect the original colour of the fabric. However, there is always little discolouration if any when you use hot water and steam instead.

The effect of chemicals is also minimised. The chemical substances found in cleaning agents though mildly, can affect humans and pets negatively. People and animals that have allergic conditions in particular may experience sensitivities and/or allergic reactions when they come in contact with these chemical substances. Hot water and steam both have neutral pH and zero chemicals so you can be certain to be safe when you use the steam cleaning method.

Indoor air quality is also significantly preserved when you use steam cleaning. No chemicals, no odours or potentially unsafe residues would potentially affect your indoor air quality. Air can stay healthy after cleaning without the slightest possibility of contamination.

The high temperatures in steam cleaning not only disintegrate and clear away buildup of debris but also helps kill any germs, bacteria, mites and other toxins that might often be present in the carpet fabric.

It is easy to control the amount of moisture applied during cleaning with hot water and steam depending on the surface being worked on. This way, chances of damaging the underlying material are extremely reduced. A professional will always know how to pull this off. This is one of the reasons why it is important that you do not do the steam cleaning yourself.

Additionally, certified technicians with proper training and probably years of experience under the belt are often equipped with industry grade equipment that will certainly offer greater results and more benefits.

The benefits of using steam cleaning are obviously numerous. Still, when you hire a trained professional to do the job for you, you put your work in expert hands thereby doubling your benefits.

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