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With years of experience, Fusion Restoration is providing the most professional grout and tile cleaning service throughout all metro areas in Sydney! We are a fully-certified business that is fully-capable to handle the toughest cleaning and restorative jobs for your tiles.

We are your professional tile cleaning service in Sydney that you can trust! Our cleaning specialists are committed to providing services that are of A-grade excellence, equipped with the best technology and a willingness to go that extra mile for the benefit of our customers! At Fusion Restoration, you can also be assured that our strict standards of health and safety regulations and codes of practices will always be implemented when we work for you!

We are ‘the’ tile cleaning service that you’re looking for when you need a serious job done. Our company is driven by a strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail. We use quality, professional truck mounted equipment and have experienced technicians. Our entire tile cleaning service is underpinned by extensive quality management systems. Our goal is to produce the best possible results, every single time and leave you totally satisfied with the outcome.

What We Offer

SX12 Steam Cleaning

SX12 tile cleaning is the most effective way to restore your tiles and grout back to clean. The SX12 when powered by our truck mounted steam generating equipment delivers pressurised steam to the floor. Encased in a vacuumed dome, the powerful vacuum captures all used water and chemicals and returns it to a capture tank in the van. Unlike mopping no dirty residue is left behind.

Our experienced technicians will put together the best cleaning solution for your task and apply it to the floor and let to dwell.  Then our floor polisher with a nylon brush attachment is run over the floor scrubbing and agitating all the tiles and grout. The released oils and staining is now ready to be washed away by the SX12 cleaning system. SX12 cleaning is safe for all type of tiles. Be it a soft stone or delicate surface the pressure and heat can be regulated to protect the substrate.

Tile Cleaning Residential Building

Mopping will never be as good as a scrub and SX12 steam clean, but here are some tips to help you out.

  •         Use Selleys Sugar Soap for your regular moping. Sugar soap is very effective for removing grease and grim and is safe on stones and sealers.
  •         A splash of Windex Streak Free Glass Cleaner with the Sugar Soap will stop the floor from streaking.
  •         Use warm water and take you time.
  •         Change the water when it’s dirty.
  •         String mops with a wringer bucket are the best because of their absorbency and ability to be to get rid of excess water before returning the mop to floor.

Every couple of years you will find you will need a good Fusion SX12 steam clean so call us for a professional service.


Cleaning products we use regularly:

  •         Applied products,
  •         Actichem,
  •         Research Products,
  •         Bridgepoint Systems,
  •         Hydramaster

Moping tiles and grout is hard work. It’s not always as effective as we like and can leave behind a dirty residue.

tile cleaning

Vacuum is the major factor that separates us from other basic companies.

  • Outdoor tile cleaning incorporating vacuum for waste water recovery will protect the environment and your gardens.
  • Indoor tile cleaning will with vacuum waste water recovery will protect the environment and your furnishings.

Stone tiles like polished marbles and travertine’s do not like pressures above 900PSI or acidic cleaning solutions. The surface of stone tiles can easily be damaged by these and then can only be corrected by grinding or polishing.

Fusion Restoration only used premium cleaning chemicals and we are always very conscious on environmental safety. We always use Australian made products when we can and take pride in delivering the Best Results, Guaranteed!

Sealing tiles and grout will:

  •         protect your floors from permanent staining
  •         make your mopping efforts alot more effective
  •         help keep floors cleaner for longer
  •         protect tiles from deterioration and increase their life

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are very difficult to seal and should only be done by and experienced sealing technician. Appling film or topical sealers to stone tiles needs to be done with expert knowledge. If the wrong sealer is used, or the right sealer applied incorrectly, delamination will start and the sealer will lift and start deteriorating.

Once this happens you are in need of sealer stripping. Sealer stripping is a very expensive service. Tile sealing is very important but do it right the first time and have Fusion Restoration do it.


Not only do our employees have the right gear, they also have the skills, experience and attitude necessary to excel. We’re well aware that there’s nothing more frustrating than a half-finished job. We only employ staff who has demonstrated their commitment to achieving tangible results. We believe We among the best to be found tile cleaning service Sydney. Our widespread reputation for a powerful work ethic is one of our proudest achievements.

Why Choose Fusion Restoration?

You can rely on our well trained and specialist team to provide:

  •         Inexpensive and fast floor cleaning and restorative solutions!
  •         Professional and safe sealing and cleaning services for your porcelain tiles and grout.
  •         Cleaning and restorative services for your carpet, concrete, lino and vinyl floors!
  •         The most advanced equipment to produce dramatic results for your floors.
  •         Guarantee your full satisfaction
  •         You don’t have to rip up old tiles to get a brand new looking floor!

At Fusion Restoration, we have excellent industry experience and a wide range of cleaning and restoration services that can help you. With our cutting edge technology, we can clean your tiles, carpets, concrete and much more!

If you’re in Sydney and need the perfect tile and grout cleaning solution, talk to our expert specialists today! We will be happy to discuss your needs in detail. After we devise you a cleaning and restorative solution that is perfect for you, we can arrange a time for us to visit you! We also service Newcastles, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains depending on the speciality of services required.

Questions? Please get in touch!

You don’t have to imagine anymore, at Fusion Restoration we can make all your tile and grout cleaning chores disappear! Are guaranteed to get the clean and pristine home you’ve been waiting for! You can find us on facebook or visit our website to connect with us via our instant live chat.

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Do you clean by hand or do you use machines?

At Fusion Restoration, our trained technicians use updated truck powered machinery which uses very high heat, pressure and vacuum to ensure your porcelain and ceramic tiles are in pristine condition. We also use the correct solutions and floor polishers, to get your hard surfaces and heavily stained carpets back to their original state.  Our tile cleaning specialists will get the job done fast and produce the most dramatic results!

What makes Fusion Restoration tile and grout cleaning services more effective than scrubbing?

Scrubbing your tiles can be incredibly exhausting and time-consuming, and there is only so much you can do.  Our tile and grout cleaning services however are much more time efficient and so much more effective! We use our advanced truck powered machinery also known as the SX12 Steam cleaner which uses very high heat, pressurised steam and a vacuum to capture all water and chemicals used and return it to a capture tank in the van.

This ensures your porcelain and ceramic tiles are in pristine condition and that no dirty residue is left behind, unlike mopping.  We also use a combination of chemical solutions and floor polishes, to scrub all the oils and staining out, ready to be washed away by our SX12 cleaning system. You can bet Fusion Restoration  will get the job done fast and achieve the most dramatic results!

Are your tile and grout cleaning services safe?

SX12 cleaning is safe for all type of tiles including porcelain, ceramics and any soft stones or delicate surfaces. The pressure and heat are regulated to protect the substrate.

How often should I use your tile cleaning systems for my tiles?

It generally depends on your specific situation. However, we guarantee our tile cleaning solutions give a longer lasting effect of cleanliness. Therefore, under normal circumstance we generally recommend giving your tiles a good Fusion SX12 steam clean every couple of years. We also offer professional sealing grout services which can furthermore keep yours floors cleaner for longer, offers better protection from the build-up stubborn stains and deterioration and makes your mopping jobs a lot more effective and easier. So call us today, for a professional service that cleans your tiles as if it were their own!

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