Natural Stone Tile Polishing

Polishing Stone Tiles

Leading the way in natural stone tile polishing and sealing. Natural stones such as Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Terrazzo become worn and scratched due to foot traffic, abrasive materials and acid etching.

At Fusion Restoration we use diamond polishing and grinding techniques to provide the best stone restoration and marble polishing service at an affordable price. Free patch testing available and no obligation quoting.

Old methods require the technician to use multiple honing or polishing pastes containing acids. These compounds are difficult to use and are hazardous to the user and surrounding furnishings.

The diamond polishing and grinding techniques that Fusion Restoration performs require a small amount of water only as lubrication. The job has now become a lot safer, faster and cheaper. Resin bonded diamond pads and planetary grinding available for the removal of deep scratches and tile leveling. Different grades of polishing diamonds will give you the desired level of shine you are after. Your choice between a matt or high gloss finish is your only requirement.

Our friendly technicians are trained and experienced in all types of stone restoration. We can help advise you with any queries you may have. Natural stones are very acid sensitive and it is imperative to seal them correctly with a high quality sealer.

Polished Stone Care Tips

Natural stone tiles are very acid sensitive. You are limited to the cleaning chemicals that you can use. Any cleaner that contains acids or has a PH lower than 6 will cause the stone to go dull and patchy cause by acid etching.

  • Use neutral cleaners when mopping – only use 1 to 2 caps per bucket of clean water
  • Dust mop frequently – Dust and grit will abrade the surface when constantly walked in
  • Wipe up spills Immediately – Don’t let acidic drinks (wine, coke, juice) sit on the surface causing it to etch
  • Place mats at entrances- regularly clean mats so they are effective
  • Use protective pads on moving furniture. Frequently moving furniture will scratch stone tiles
  • Quality sealer use – applied by professionals
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