Tile Grout Sealing

Grout Sealing

Tile grout sealing is a must to protect your grout lines from permanent discolouring. Sealing grout lines will reduce your grout cleaning frequency and make your mopping efforts far easier and more effective. Let Fusion Restoration achieve outstanding results restoring your floor or wall grout lines without having to replace the grout.

Colour sealing grout will colour and seal your grout lines in the same application, giving your grout 100% stain protection. If you are tired of looking at your discoloured grout and cleaning is a massive chore, Grout Colour Sealing will permanently recolour the lines to a colour of your choice. Natural look clear sealers are also available for sealing grout.

Fusion Restoration uses Grout Perfect Australia’s acrylic resin urethane modified grout sealers. They have concrete hardeners to create a permanent bond with the grout that will last a life time.

Fusion Restoration’s tile grout sealing services are excellent at restoring and colouring grout without having to replace it. Colour epoxy sealing grout will brighten existing fading and give a consistent uniform look. Save yourself thousands of dollars in tile or grout replacement. Colour sealing grout will protect grout from permanent staining, reduce cleaning labour and transform a floor increasing market valve.

Sealing tile grout made ease when you have FCS perform the tile and grout sealing.

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