Tile Grout Cleaning

Grout Cleaning

Grout is porous which means it’s the first to attract dirt and be penetrated by oils. Fusion Restoration’s tile grout cleaning process can provide dramatic results returning the grout to its original colour you may once remember. Restoring your nice bright and clean floor is easily achievable when using our advanced tile and grout cleaning service.

Fusion Restoration technicians are trained and experienced to identify which is the best approach to draw out deep down stains in the porous grout lines. We will arrive with alkaline and acids. Degreasers, strippers and special poultice pastes to draw out these stains in your porous grout. Today’s techniques cleaning grout have come a long way and are effective but safe on the operator and environment. Our courteous team will take pride in handing back to you a super clean floor fit for a queen.

Fusion Restoration gives an advanced and detailed clean when cleaning tile grout. After your grout is restored and is white and bright again we recommend grout sealing to make your everyday cleaning (moping, vacuuming or hosing) a lot easier and more effective. This will give your grout a protective layer against all stains keeping your grout looking clean and fresh for many years to come.

Cleaning Process

After a job brief with the home owner our technicians will prep the area and apply a cleaning solution to the grout and tiles targeting the job needs. A machine scrub focusing on the dirty grout lines will release the stubborn staining then the SX12 steam pressure cleaner is run over the tiles and grout restoring them back to clean. The SX12 incorporates a vacuum water capture process when indoor tile cleaning that recovers all waste water and chemicals used, to a collection tank. Fusion’s tile & grout cleaning use’s special grout cleaning products to clean grout haze off easily.

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