Tile Cleaning & Sealing


Tiles can be beautiful, simple and an easy to clean floor to have throughout the house. They feel good under foot and will help in keeping the house cool during summer. Unfortunately tiles can be expensive and porous stone tiles can be sensitive to acidic cleaners and spills. To prevent permanent stains it is important to seal porous tiles and grout. Dirty and stained tiles and grout can look unsightly and cause slip risks when wet.

Fortunately experienced hard surface cleaning companies with good equipment can perform amazing cleaning results even with heavily soiled floors.

You can extend the life of your tiled floor by decades by maintaining it correctly.

  • Have Matts at the outside entries for people to wipe their shoes.
  • Regularly vacuum or sweeping of your floors to remove dry soiling and prevent scratching of the traffic areas.
  • Have your tile and grout professionally cleaned by reputable company every 3 to 5 years.
  • Apply sealer to prevent permanent staining especially with natural stones.

Don’t wait for tiles to be severely stained before you have them cleaned.

Fusion Restoration provide a high end cleaning service. Dealing with a once a year clean to a every 10 year heavy duty industrial clean is no problem for our friendly, experienced staff. All our equipment is up to date and can tackle any clean with the Best Results, Guaranteed!

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