Lino Cleaning & Sealing

Lino & Vinyl

Lino cleaning and sealing is something Fusion Restoration’s trained and friendly technicians enjoy. We guarantee you will love the results we deliver from our strip and seal service. FCS is a second generation company and are the best at giving the best results with our lino cleaning and sealing service.

What Fusion Restoration offers

Neutral Buff Clean

When your lino floor still has sealer on it that not to damaged and it just a freshen up you need. A neutral buff clean is all you should require.

Fusion Restoration will apply a neutral cleaner and buff the surface followed by a warm water pressure rinse. This is a simple and effective maintenance clean and cutting out the resealing cost will save you money.

Strip and Seal

A strip and seal is quite often necessary and performed more than a neutral clean. This is very effective at restoring your floor to its original condition. FCS’s experienced friendly technicians apply a stripper and using slow speed floor polisher cut back the old sealer then hot water pressure rinse. Once the lino is stripped to its base we will reapply one to four coats of polymer wax sealer giving it a fresh and beautiful shine and protecting it from wear.

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