Spray-crete resurfacing by Fusion Restoration is an affordable and beautiful service to dramatically improve the aesthetics of your home or business.

This type of driveway restoration service has a fast turnaround time. Pedestrian traffic can get on it 24 hours post completion and vehicles 7 days.

Modified acrylic cement is extremely hard wearing with a compression strength of 40mpa.With the right preparation we can resurface a wide range of different surfaces guaranteeing permanent adhesion.

All our resurfacing jobs has 2 roll coats of sealer applied making it very UV stable and super easy to keep clean.

Spray-crete resurfacing has so much grip either foot or vehicle traffic has no slip issues. Even on 40 degree sloping driveways you will have superior traction even in the wet.

Customizable combinations to suit your environment.
We find matching the colour of the roof gutters ties in the house looking classy from the street. When buyers come to inspect your house for sale 70% of them have already made there mind up from the street view.

- An impressive new driveway
- Clean house façade
- Tidy gardens

Will get people in the door and add massive value to your sale.

Stencils available and this option gives you the ability to have different colour grout lines. Flecks of different colours throughout can give a natural stone effect and is a bit more modern. Send us a photo of the area and let our architects advise you on some new and appealing colour combos.

In a nut shell let Fusion Restoration transform your old and tired slab into a new, fresh and modern cement with longevity of a lifetime.

Fusion Restoration is a second-generation company with a strong background in floor restoration. Fully licenced and insured, fit and skill tradies, you can rest assured you will get the

best results, guaranteed


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