Polished Concrete

Polished concrete has really taken off in the Australian market and is an elegant floor that is super easy to keep clean.

You choose either an impressive high gloss finish or a classy matt look. A satin sealer is in-between and for longevity and sun filled places, it a wise choice.

Fusion Restoration is kicking goals with high end concrete polishing services. All our slabs are planetary ground then modified and densified while polished to pull the surface tight and close off all porosity.

Hole patching and crack filling is always included with our service and often can be invisible with our custom techniques.

We believe film sealers are the way to go to protect polished concrete. Film sealers provide a complete barrier and deliver full stain protection, including mild acid attack.

Red wine, fruit juice and coke a cola will do nothing to polyurethane film sealers, even when left over night.

A 1mm build of crystal clear self-levelling epoxy topped with a solvent borne polyurethane will compliment a polished slab making it super sexy, classy and resilient.

Fusion Restoration offers concrete resurfacing as well as concrete grinding and polishing. Thin modified acrylic cement overlay’s can resurface slabs that are beyond being able to make gorgeous. Cement resurfacing is customizable in colour and effect.

Metallic epoxy are also a special and unique way to resurface tired cement floors.

There are alot of options when it comes to polished concrete and concrete sealers so please call and chat about how we can help you.

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