Paver Sealing


Fusion Restoration is a advanced paver sealing service with trained technicians who really understand sealing pavers. We have the best sealer knowledge and our friendly technicians care to make sure the paver sealer is applied correctly so you will get the maximum protection for your pavers. 15 year warranties are available with some of our sealers.

Porous paver will need to be sealed straight from the time they are laid to prevent permanent staining. Pavers can be exposed to efflorescence, spills, animals and tradesmen, so it is best to seal them sooner rather than later.

All Concrete pavers are acid sensitive. For example: Red wines, fruit juices, vinegars and alot of cleaning products can acid etch them giving a patchy or whitening affect. This can be irreversible but the right sealers will protect them from acid etching.

Unprotected pavers can suffer from UV fading and mould discolouration. Moisture absorbing below the surface of a paver and freezing at night will quickly deteriorate the surface.

Fusion Restoration recommends paver cleaning and sealing for protection from the above things. Sealing your pavers will prevent them from drawing in impurities and will make your job of hosing or sweeping will be a lot more effective.

If you are considering brick paver sealing Fusion Restoration use only premium quality paver sealing products for our concrete paver sealing. Quality paver cleaning is a must before applying any paver sealer or concrete paver stain.


Penetrating Sealers

Penetrating sealers work by deposit either a natural or synthetic resin below the surface of the paver. As the sealer dries the water or solvent evaporates leaving behind the resin in the paver. It then hardens and chemically bonds with the paver forming an invisible protecting barrier. The major benefit to penetrating sealers is they let the tile breathe.


  • Will not change the appearance of your stone
  • Let the tile breath
  • Can recoat on top without having to strip old sealer
  • Won’t wear or scratch
  • Very quick drying

Film Forming or Topical Sealers

A Topical concrete sealer creates a surface film on the top to provide a protective coating. The purpose of the sealer is to reduce the absorbency of the paver so foreign materials will sit on the surface until they can be washed away. Gloss and colours can be added to these sealers along with hardeners and anti slip grits if required. Garage, office and factory floors really benefit from epoxy sealing.


  • They can provide a shiny, glossy wet look to the surface
  • Will protect stone from wear
  • Very easy to clean
  • Excellent against acid attack
  • Will increase property value with a customisable look
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