Concrete & Paver Cleaning

Incorporating a vacuum system to collect the used waste water created from concrete pressure cleaning is what separates Fusion Restoration apart from our competitors.

When you introduce vacuum waste water collection you have the ability to uses mild chemical safety while cleaning and are environmentally friendly.

No mess left behind every time.

Waste water recovery while paver and concrete floor cleaning means you can collect all the cleaning products used and the dirty water for correct disposal. You now will end up with a far better result while being safe for the environment and building surroundings.

Cleaning concrete is difficult enough for us professionals with all the fancy gear, know-how and correct concrete cleaning products and procedures.

Don’t waste your weekend waving a gurney around. Best leave it to your concrete floor cleaning specialist, Fusion Restoration.

Commercial concrete cleaning is not a problem for the Fusion team as we love factory floor cleaning. Truck mounted pressure cleaning units with built in vacuum blowers delivers industrial strength cleaning system preformed correctly and safely.

Fusion Restoration has the ability to use up to 4300psi of water pressure at 21l/m combined with up to 120C stream. Hi heat reduces the need for chemical use while cleaning. This is great for foot path cleaning where waste water recovery can be difficult and service speed is important.

Steam cleaning will also naturally sanitize the surfaces while cleaning. Heat will cut down the chemical usage but still give a great result and will not leave a lingering chemical smell that may affect sensitive people.

Concrete and brick pavers being very porous means they are quick to draw in impurities that will stain concrete and attack concrete surfaces. This will lead to earlier deterioration and unsightly floors.

A professional Fusion clean is the only safe way to bring it back to its original condition. Follow our clean with one of our superior concrete sealer and your areas will stay protected and beautiful for many years to come.

Sometimes a grind and seal can be more effected with large areas and this is a service we love to offer.

Epoxy metallic sealers and concrete overlays can resurface tired or damaged concrete floors with a customisable look.

Call us now and let’s chat about what’s best for you.

Our service will leave you feeling pleased with the Best Results, Guaranteed! from our friendly team.

Concrete cleaning Sydney made easy by us before our concrete sealing service.

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