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Fusion Restoration are an experienced team that transform old concrete surfaces, tiling surfaces into polished concrete, resurfaced concrete and resealed concrete to give that fresh new look with no structural defects.

Concrete Surfaces are extremely durable and strong they tend to weaken and become more susceptible to cracks, water leaks and issues with your concrete floor.

The most frequent concrete floor issues our floor restoration team repair, seal and fix is cracks in concrete repair work.

If you have any concerns about your concrete floor in Sydney give us a call now, below are some symptoms we see on both commercial concrete restoration jobs and concrete driveway repairs.

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How do concrete cracks appear?

Concrete Floor or concrete driveway repairs are typically required because cracks have appeared and have continued to grow, the reason cracks appear in concrete is due to a few different factors but one of the main reasons is due to poor drainage resulting in a build up of water which gradually puts so much pressure and strain that it pushes the concrete leaving cracks exposed.

We can help you repair the concrete driveway damage you may have and implement solutions like box drains for water run off, cutting holes in the concrete and inserting joints in the crack.

If you notice issues or small cracks in your concrete wall, concrete driveway, concrete wall or any other concrete surface it's important you call our team immediately so we can get the concrete repaired so it doesn't get worse and cost you more money later on.

How to fix concrete driveway cracks?

Cracks in concrete is by far the biggest issue people face with concrete surfaces. If you have noticed a crack and neglected the crack for some time, chances are its getting worse and more water could be affecting other parts of the concrete floor which in turn impacts the structure of the concrete surface.

You may have heard or read that Latex has been used as a concrete repair products. Latex is usually used for smaller, thin cracks.

The concrete repair product comes in a liquid form which usually needs to be mixed with water, on this bottle you may find specific instructions to apply based on the size of the concrete floor crack.

If the concrete hole or concrete crack is larger than a couple of inches then its recommended to use a powder form, alternatively using cement is the most common home application to fix concrete cracks and concrete holes.

Depending on the solution you choose ensure that you clean the concrete surface thoroughly with a high pressure cleaner.

You can attempt to insert joints in the cracks, then the expansion can help prevent future cracks. Depending on how severe the concrete issues are you may need to call in our team who will focus on getting those concrete repairs in Sydney done as soon as possible.

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