Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is a natural way to help rid your home of dust mites and allergens. Steam is also a safe chemical free way to hygienically sanitise your furnishing. Fusion Restoration’s steam cleaning service is safe on the majority of surfaces and is a very effective way of removing dried on spills. Bacteria’s won’t stand a chance against the heat.

Steam Cleaning

When steam cleaning less water is used and job is perform faster and better when compared to cold water cleaning. Steam has less water residue and will result in a faster dry-time and smaller water bill.

Steam is great for cleaning indoor carpets and hard surfaces and is the major component for removing oils, fats, and gums. Many solvents were previously used but now with the evolution in cleaning equipment solvents and chemicals are used less.

Outdoor concrete steam cleaning is a specialized clean. Higher pressures requires more of a steam demand and this means bigger equipment to get the job done. Fusion Restoration has the latest released equipment to perform the best results guaranteed. Our employees are trained, skilled and motivated in delivering fantastic results in a safe manner.

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