Carpet Pet Stains & Odour Treatment

Fusion Restoration has a premium service for severe carpet pet stains and odour presence. Pet stains and unpleasant odour removal is very effective with our bio enzymatic action chemicals and antibacterial neutralizing deodorizers, combined with our advanced steam cleaning process.

Pet Stains and Odour Treatments

We all love our pets but unfortunately they sometimes have accidents. These annoying accidents severely damage our carpet if left for extended periods. When areas of carpet are continuously affected and the smell is overwhelming (especially on the hotter days) you will find when lifting the carpet that the back of the carpet and the underlay will be soiled and slowly festering. At this time immediate action is needed to pick up the phone and call.

Let our friendly technicians inspect both sides of your carpet and access if you need either.

–Stain neutralization, steam cleaning, heavy deodorizing and stain treatment from the top only,


–Underlay replacement and wash and seal concrete base, treat both sides of carpet with our bio enzymatic treatment and massage in, steam clean to extract waste and apply our advanced odour neutralizer/deodorizer, relay carpet and treat pet stains from the top with our slow release stain remover. This complete process is very effective and the treatment includes natural plant extracts the will deter your pet from re-soiling. Stains 3 months old or less have a good removal success rate— the longer you leave stains the harder they are to remove.

Urine stain clean up tips.

  • Only use a damp cloth or white paper towels and tread out stains.
  • Do not use spot cleaners and cleaning powders as they can set the stain in permanently.
  • You may use a urine stain neutraliser like Urine off or Urine Rescue.

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