Flooded Carpet Restoration

Fusion Restoration is very experienced at flooded carpet restoration quickly and efficiently. Our courteous technicians understand the havoc created and will return your place back to operation no fuss.

Flooded Carpet Restoration

Blocked drains – Split fish tanks – Overflowing basins – Burst pipes – Leaking roofs – Fusion Restoration can’t stop these events from occurring however, we can quickly return the place back to the original condition with minimal disturbance to you as possible.

Replacing carpet is a nightmare! When severe water damage occurs the carpet and underlay does not have to be a write off. In 90% of case onsite drying is faster and less intrusive.

FCS Flooded Carpet Restoration System of Procedure.

  • Remove damaged items and furniture.
  • Remove all excess water using the vacuum extraction method.
  • Apply anti-bacterial treatments to prevent water staining and mould.
  • Install air movers underneath the carpet to dry carpet and underlay.
  • Install dehumidifiers.
  • Relay carpet and steam clean. Deodoriser and stain removal included.

Most flood restorations take between 2 and 4 days. If carpet is left wet for longer than a couple of days, mould and algae will start to occur causing an unpleasant musty smell. Mould is harmful to your health, especially for infants and those who suffer from asthma. The carpet will eventually deteriorate to the point of falling apart. Water Staining can start immediately on the surface around the edges of the affected area. The longer these stains are left the harder they are to remove.

Fusion Restoration can handle all types of flooded carpet restoration. Be it major or minor we are diplomatic and professional.

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