Carpet Shampooing

Carpet Shampoo

At Fusion Cleaning and Sealing we can make your carpet look and feel like new again with a carpet shampooing service. Whether your carpet has stains from coffee, wine, kids or pets or if you just want it to smell fresh and new again a carpet shampoo could be just what you need.

Carpet shampooing should be left to the professionals for a better result. Make your job easy by having Fusion Cleaning and Sealing’s friendly technicians come through and make light work in removing the unavoidable spot stains that happen with day to day living.

Don’t waste time and money hiring rental machines when our experienced staff will deliver the best results guaranteed.

Fusion Cleaning and Sealing will shampoo, agitate and steam clean your carpet to the highest standard. Stain treatment, sanitizing, deodorizer and carpet conditioner is included in every service.

We use the latest released high performance equipment. Combine this with professionally trained operators and market leading premier chemicals you can rest assured that you will be getting a premier service while you still have your time for you. Combining solution, agitation, heat, pressure and vacuum Fusion Cleaning and Sealing can guarantee we have the best carpet shampooing service there is.

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