Professional Carpet Protection

After carpet cleaning people often consider whether they should have their carpet protected as well. Professional carpet protection or scotch guarding is a wise decision.

Carpet Protection

Protection technology prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the fibres of your carpet. If the product is applied properly, it will create a protective shield that repels liquids. You now have time to grab some paper towels and absorb the spill before it permanently stains. Scotching guarding will also assure you get maximum results from your next clean. Protected carpets are far easier to clean and will come up looking like new after a Fusion clean. Another benefit of Scotch Guarding carpet is the prevention of wear to the traffics areas. Carpet protection service will extend the life of the high traffic areas. The Acrylic Polymer chemical is safe and extremely effective when applied correctly with the accurate measurements and techniques.

With your carpet being one of the most expensive furnishing in your home why wouldn’t you protect it for peace of mind.

Fusion Cleaning offers two types of Carpet Protectors

Maxim Advanced Carpet Protector

New Maxim Advanced uses a totally new technology to prevent spills from bonding to fibers. Because Maxim Advanced coats fibers with a stain barrier completely, not just at the top, spills will not bead up and then soak through to create stains. Stains will be easy to remove even months later!

Actichem Fibre Shield

Actichem protectors are environmentally friendly, odourless and will not change the feel or appearance of your carpet. The microfilm formed repels dust mites, allergens, soils, oils, water, alcohols and dyes allowing them to be easily cleaned away before becoming permanent stains.

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