Marble Sealing

Marble Sealing

Protecting Your Natural Stone Tiles

Good tile cleaning and sealing companies should provide a 15 year stain protection warranty with their premium penetrating sealers.
Stone tiles, either indoor or outdoor need to be sealed as soon as they are laid to protect them from permanent staining.
All stone tiles are porous and if stains soak deep into the unsealed tile, they can be almost impossible to remove. Sealing them with a quality sealer will prevent them from permanent staining.

These lovely matt finish marble tiles laid in Belleview Hill, Sydney, were cleaned using and alkaline cleaner, combined with a soft scrub and a 800psi steam clean. After drying, 2 coats of premium natural look penetrating sealer was applied. Finally the stone tiles needed a light polish to remove any excess sealer residue.
The homeowner can now rest at ease knowing that any spills like red wines or cooking oils will bead on the surface and can easily be wipe away with paper towels.
We supply a 15 year warranty on behalf of the sealer manufacture. The warranty deems that no stain will be permanent, if the correct clean up procedure is followed.


This outdoor granite was cleaned then sealed with a colour enhancing penetrating sealer. It also comes with a stain proof warranty. You can see how the darker colours in the stone are intensified by the sealer. The colour enhancing sealer has enriched this beautiful hard wearing stone for many years to come.

Regular maintenance cleaning for the home owner.

Indoor Tiles.

Add 50ml Selleys Original Sugar Soap to a bucket of warm water and apply generous amount of water and soap to the floor. Quickly scrub the wet tiles and grout lines with a medium stiff bristled broom then remove the slurry with a mop.

Outdoor Tiles.

Lightly pressure clean the tiles to remove the surface build up. Be care not to damage soft stone tiles like sandstone or travertine by getting to close with the pressure cleaner nozzle. With a watering can apply a 10-1, water–pool chlorine mix and massage it in with a yard broom. Leave for 20min and pressure clean again.

If this maintenance cleaning sounds like too much work call us for a professional tile cleaning and tile sealing service.

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