27 October, 2017
Tile Sealing Services | Restore Floor

Tips for Tile Sealing

Time takes its toll on your grout. When left unsealed, grout becomes porous which draws in stains and dirt that can eventually become trapped. This […]
4 October, 2017
Concrete Cleaning | Restore Floor

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Professionals

Everyone wants to maintain a clean and spotless household or workplace environment. Keeping your home and office clean and orderly can be difficult and time-consuming […]
18 September, 2017

High Pressure Cleaning – Remove Dirt with Just Water!

High Pressure Cleaning With years of experience, Fusion Restoration is providing the most effective and professional high pressure cleaning services throughout all metro areas in […]
21 July, 2017
remove mould

Top Tips to Prevent & Remove Mould in Your Bathroom

Moulds are fungi that grow as multicellular filaments, called as hyphae. It is present everywhere around us. Even the air we breathe contains mould particles. […]
20 July, 2017

Why is Tile Cleaning So Important for your Home?

Bright and Shining are the two best-suited synonyms for a clean and tidy home. Tiling your floors and walls is the best way to enhance […]
20 July, 2017
grout cleaning

How a Tile & Grout Clean & Re-colour can Change the Look of your Home

Much like other floor coverings such as carpets, your home tiles and grout require scheduled professional cleaning to remain tidy, stain free, soil free and […]
20 July, 2017
Tile and Grout Cleaning

A Guide to Tile & Grout Cleaning

If you love to stay in a clean and tidy house, you should never overlook tiles grout cleaning. It is easy to dust and dry […]
28 June, 2017

How to Keep Your Ceramic Tiles Clean?

Ceramic tiles are easier to clean and maintain. Cleaning expels the flotsam and jetsam, and you can effectively use tile and grout cleaning Sydney services […]
23 June, 2017
bathroom renovations

5 Great Ways to Bathroom Renovations

Hygiene and utility are the two decisive factors for any bathroom. Some bathroom designs seem to never go out of style or trend, because of […]
19 June, 2017
steam cleaning carpet

Why Steam Cleaning a Carpet is More Sanitary Than Vacuuming or Shampooing

You vacuum your carpet frequently. And when there’s stain, it’s time to use the shampooer. That’s all it takes to perfectly maintain your carpet, right? […]