23 May, 2018
Tile Cleaning Company | Restore Floor

Choosing an Ideal Tile Cleaning Sydney Company

Tile cleaning is not an easy task for the average homeowner in Australia and that’s why a popular option is to avail the services of […]
21 May, 2018
Tile Cleaning

Things You Should Know About Tile And Grout Cleaning

Keeping your tiles and grout clean after their installation is not as easy as you might think. Even if you live in the cleanest place, […]
27 April, 2018
grout Cleaning

How Tile and Grout Sealing Will Benefit You

R-rated non-slip and polished porcelain tiles are dirt magnets. Polished porcelain, for example, attracts water stains and smear marks while mopping non-slip tiles can be […]
26 April, 2018
Grout Sealing

A Comprehensive Guide To Sealing Tiles

Do your tiles need to be sealed? Our customers frequently ask us if their tiles need to be sealed. The answer will depend on whether […]
20 April, 2018
Grout and Tile Cleaning | Restore Floor

What You Must Know About Grout And Tile Cleaning

Using tiles as flooring has become a very popular style. While it may be most obvious for kitchens and bathrooms, many modern homeowners are choosing […]
19 April, 2018
Ceramic Tile Cleaning | Restore Floor

Tile Cleaning: Best Way To Clean Ceramic Tile Floors

When it comes to tiled flooring, then porcelain is a top favourite for many because of the versatility, beauty and low-maintenance of the material. Made […]
27 October, 2017
Tile Sealing Services | Restore Floor

Tips for Tile Sealing

Time takes its toll on your grout. When left unsealed, grout becomes porous which draws in stains and dirt that can eventually become trapped. This […]
4 October, 2017
Concrete Cleaning | Restore Floor

How to Choose the Right Cleaning Professionals

Everyone wants to maintain a clean and spotless household or workplace environment. Keeping your home and office clean and orderly can be difficult and time-consuming […]
18 September, 2017

High Pressure Cleaning – Remove Dirt with Just Water!

High Pressure Cleaning With years of experience, Fusion Restoration is providing the most effective and professional high pressure cleaning services throughout all metro areas in […]
21 July, 2017
remove mould

Top Tips to Prevent & Remove Mould in Your Bathroom

Moulds are fungi that grow as multicellular filaments, called as hyphae. It is present everywhere around us. Even the air we breathe contains mould particles. […]