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What You Must Know About Grout And Tile Cleaning

Using tiles as flooring has become a very popular style. While it may be most obvious for kitchens and bathrooms, many modern homeowners are choosing to use it in other rooms of the house due to its durability and the fact that it produces minimal dust. doesn’t easily stain, remains free of dust mites and other organisms and is super easy to keep clean. In spite of all of the excellent characteristics, there are some precautions with tile that you’ll want to make sure that you take to maintain the look.

The Grout

Tiles are joined together using grout. This is a special type of mortar that acts as a glue to keep the tiles together and fused. The grout can easily become stained and discoloured before the tile will show any signs of stains or discolouration. If proper measures aren’t taken the tiles can start to look dingy and dirty. Typically, it’s the grout that is the cause of this. Grout must be sealed with a sealant substance, however, the substance can easily be worn off and the grout will become vulnerable over the course of time to dirt and grime. When the sealant wears off it’s going to give the tile a dingy appearance.


Proper maintenance should include routine sweeping, mopping and buffing to retain the shine of your tile. When the tile has properly cared for you can anticipate that it will have less dirt and fewer chances of staining. With proper floor maintenance, you’ll have fewer irritants including mould, mildews and bacteria. While the floors may look clean, there may be many colonies of microorganisms such as germs and bacteria when it’s not properly cleaned with the right antiseptics. Always make sure that you’re following a routine maintenance schedule when you’re cleaning your floor tiles.

Tile Cleaning | Restore Floor

Using Tile Cleaners

Tile cleaners are made up of chemicals. Various chemicals use various strengths to match the condition of the particular surface that is being cleaned. It’s important to keep this in mind. Most of these cleaners are harmful to the skin so always make sure to wear gloves when using such chemicals. Never allow such chemicals to come into direct contact with your skin as it can be hazardous to your health. Keep in mind too that if you should accidentally mix two such dangerous chemicals together, such as ammonia and bleach, you may have very serious consequences. Also, it’s vital to keep all forms of chemicals out of the reach of children.

Hiring A Professional Tile Cleaner

Now that you understand how important it is to clean your tile flooring properly, it makes sense to get the help from a professional floor cleaning service. There are many companies in the tile industry that offer tile cleaning services. While the procedure may seem to be cost saving if you do it yourself, hiring a professional to clean the tile and grout will have many great advantages including that it will last longer if you do it this way. With some research, you can find a great tile cleaning company online, from family or friends, or from a tile company.

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