Grout Sealing

A Comprehensive Guide To Sealing Tiles

Do your tiles need to be sealed?

Our customers frequently ask us if their tiles need to be sealed. The answer will depend on whether or not your tile is porous.

Natural stone tiles like travertine, granite, marble, and slate are porous and must be sealed. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are not porous and therefore don’t need to be sealed.

If you aren’t sure whether or not the tiles you have are porous, take a wet sponge and apply to a tile. Press down for a couple of seconds. If a dark mark is left, then it is a porous tile and will need to be sealed.


Why should your tiles be sealed?

Porous tiles absorb stains and spills quite easily. When you seal your tiles it protects the tile surface and improves the appearance and longevity of the tiles.

Grout Sealer


How are tiles sealed?

We recommend that you seal the tiles before grouting them. Otherwise, there will be grouting that leaks into the tiles and that will spoil the finish and be very hard to clean and remove.

Use a squeegee or brush to apply a water-based tile sealer. Begin at one corner and finish one tile before going onto the next. Spread the sealant across each tile evenly.


Work quickly. Otherwise, the sealant will start drying while you are still working.  

Allow the sealant to sit for 24 hours on your tiled surface before grouting the tiles or walking on them. For a higher finish level, another sealant coat can be applied after you grout but do not seal the grout.

Over time, tile sealing does become necessary. Our experienced team has a broad selection of sealer options that are available to you. We are a second generation business, with more than 40 years of industry experience. We have an experienced team of technicians and the finest tile sealing knowledge. We will work to ensure that the sealer gets applied in a way that allows you to get many years of life from it for the very best price. Some of the sealers we offer come with 15-year warranties.

Natural stone or porous synthetic tiles must be sealed in order to prevent them from becoming permanently stained. From the time that the tiles are laid, they can be exposed to tradesmen, children, animals, weather, spills, salt attack, and efflorescence.

It is better to seal your tiles soon instead of later. Sealing grout and tile and floor tile sealing is recommended by Fusion Restoration for protection. Sealing tiles work to make a porous surface that draws in and attracts stains, into a treated surface that repels the penetrates. Your job of sweeping, mopping or hosing will be effective now and much easier. Before applying a sealer, advanced cleaning needs to be done first.


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