1Do you clean by hand or do you use machines?
At Fusion Restore, our trained technicians use updated truck powered machinery which uses very high heat, pressure and vacuum to ensure your porcelain and ceramic tiles are in pristine condition. We also use the correct solutions and floor polishers, to get your hard surfaces and heavily stained carpets back to their original state. Our tile cleaning specialists will get the job done fast and produce the most dramatic results!
2What makes Fusion Restore tile and grout cleaning services more effective than scrubbing?
Scrubbing your tiles can be incredibly exhausting and time-consuming, and there is only so much you can do. Our tile and grout cleaning services however are much more time efficient and so much more effective! We use our advanced truck powered machinery also known as the SX12 Steam cleaner which uses very high heat, pressurised steam and a vacuum to capture all water and chemicals used and return it to a capture tank in the van. This ensures your porcelain and ceramic tiles are in pristine condition and that no dirty residue is left behind, unlike mopping. We also use a combination of chemical solutions and floor polishes, to scrub all the oils and staining out, ready to be washed away by our SX12 cleaning system. You can bet Fusion Restore will get the job done fast and achieve the most dramatic results!
3Are your tile and grout cleaning services safe?
SX12 cleaning is safe for all type of tiles including porcelain, ceramics and any soft stones or delicate surfaces. The pressure and heat are regulated to protect the substrate.
4How often should I use your tile cleaning systems for my tiles?
It generally depends on your specific situation. However, we guarantee our tile cleaning solutions give a longer lasting effect of cleanliness. Therefore, under normal circumstance we generally recommend giving your tiles a good Fusion SX12 steam clean every couple of years. We also offer professional sealing grout services which can furthermore keep yours floors cleaner for longer, offers better protection from the build-up stubborn stains and deterioration and makes your mopping jobs a lot more effective and easier. So call us today, for a professional service that cleans your tiles as if it were their own!
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