white epoxy

Epoxy Sealing 2 Bed Unit

FCS is leading the way in concrete epoxy sealing. We have a massive range of plain or reflective colours to add to our crystal clear epoxy’s. This 2bed unit in Randwick NSW opted for a simple off white gloss epoxy sealer throughout the unit. The white floor complements the cedar walls and helps boost the natural light in the unit.

Epoxy sealers are a durable, hygienic floor and are one of the easiest floors to keep clean. Epoxy’s are stain proof and unlike natural stone’s they are acid resistant.

Epoxy sealing has been used in the industrial market for decades but now with the introduction of reflector epoxy’s we are seeing them being widely used in the residential market.


The original concrete pad needed resurfacing due to cracks and holes across the surface. With 2 coats of our polymer concrete overlay the floor is returned to a smooth finish and is a great new base for the epoxy to bond with.
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