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Common Issues Associated With Concrete Floors and Why Concrete Polishing Is Needed

People are becoming increasingly fussy when it comes to the type of flooring in their home, office or warehouse. Concrete is often the first choice due its durability, how well insulated it is and the aesthetic look and feel.

Among available options, concrete is one of the most popular for both residential and commercial structures. Concrete, like any flooring material, have some characteristic drawbacks, but most of these are easy to overcome.

In the end, the pros of concrete flooring outweigh the cons.

Here’s a sneak peek into the common issues with concrete floors.


  • Cracks

Like any solid material, concrete on floors often shrink which in turn may cause cracks on the floor.

Engineers and construction workers have various solutions to this. One is on the choice of concrete mixture itself. If the quality of the concrete was rightly   considered, cracks will hardly be witnessed in residential properties where traffic is low.

Aesthetically, cracked concrete gives the rustic, natural, organic look that some folks actually love. It’s an aesthetic appeal that can only be achieved from sustaining natural cracks.

But when cracks  become more of an eyesore, they can easily be hidden by  micro toppings.

These toppings provide a smooth, fresh surface that can be complemented  by a variety of decorative techniques: stamping, staining, stencilling; whichever you choose.

  • Industrial look

The plain, unmodified grey concrete look to be “industrial“, or sterile .

But most concrete floors are never left in that condition. Most prefer to put accents on the floor such as an earth tone or brown stain.

These accents emit warmth and make the floor look inviting.

Brown is  the most popular colour option for concrete floors.


  • Slippery

As with other hard surfaces like vinyl, ceramic tiles, linoleum or marble, concrete floors may be slippery when wet. Also, when you apply a high-gloss sealer to protect and make the concrete floor more attractive, the decoration may reduce the floor’s traction to some extent.

To remedy this, you only need to mix a non-slip additive into the sealer or stain before applying it.

  • Stains & Discoloration

This is usually a trivial problem, but it happens with concrete floors nonetheless. If not polished, concrete may have stains or rust in time. To fix this, apply micro toppings. It will make a stained floor look as good as new.

That’s why polished floors are becoming progressively more common in homes, retail outlets, educational institutions, big-box stores and medical facilities. But besides improving the look on your floor, here are some of the advantages of having polished concrete.

Why  Consider Concrete Polishing?

  • Economical in the long run

Compared to high-end floor coverings like slate, ceramic tiles and marble, polished concrete is more cost-effective.

Further, many skilled concrete artisans across Sydney can replicate the look of these high-priced materials.

Polished floors are also less vulnerable to damage. It doesn’t need replacing, which means longer life-cycle savings. And as against  low- to mid-priced floor coverings, a concrete floor lasts longer than carpets, wood laminates and vinyl tile.


  • Less slippery than polished marble

Decorated polished concrete floors are generally glossy and somewhat slippery when wet. But polished marble is still less slippery than polished marble or waxed linoleum.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

The terms decorative and polished concrete are often used interchangeably, indicating the highly appealing aesthetics of polished concrete.

You can make polished concrete bring out any look and feel to your floor. This means that you can use of a broad range of colours and style.

Despite being cheaper, concrete floors will often appear expensive and elegant.

  • Increased ambient lighting

With its high light reflectivity, a polished concrete floor is great for lighting especially in places where a clean, bright and professional image is essential. Office buildings would highly benefit from this quality.

So too would hotels, restaurants and a host of other public facilities. A lot of customers will appreciate a look that’s simply unique. Polished concrete comes out shinier against marble and granite.

Even though a concrete floor becomes shiny when a high-gloss coating is applied, polished concrete appears more glossy. With this, you can save on the cost of overhead lights .

  • Environment- friendly

Polished concrete has no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This makes it an environmentally friendly surface. In addition, there is virtually no hazardous waste from concrete polishing.

So, for your residential or commercial structure, choose polished concrete floors.

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