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5 Great Ways to Bathroom Renovations

Hygiene and utility are the two decisive factors for any bathroom. Some bathroom designs seem to never go out of style or trend, because of their exemplary shades and smart designs. However, everything has an expiry date. Whether it is your kitchen, your bedroom or your bathroom every part of your house needs renovation time to time.

Let us talk about restoring your bathroom. No doubt you keep your bathroom spotless and aromatic, but some underlying issues may get overlooked by you as well. Sometimes the tiles chip around the corners or lose its sheen. Times like this demand immediate bathroom tile restoration to retain its usability for the years to come.

You can either go for professional repair or DIY at home. However, your bathroom restoration process does not need complicated techniques. Let us understand how you can restore the bathroom.

#1 Decide your remodelling budget

Before starting any work, you should agree on a budget. When we talk about bathroom renovation, a proper budget not only gives you a clear picture of the products you are going to use but also describes the boundaries of the designs you prefer. If you are clear about the expenditure, you can decide on what to change and how much to change.

Check the finest details of renovation and make a priority list. It will be a lot easier for you to choose the items you want to replace and where you need some repairs.

#2 Keep the colour of tiles fresh and vibrant

Your tile restoration process can begin with keeping the tile colours intact for years. Make a mixture of vinegar and some heating pop in water. Put this blend into a void splash bottle. The vinegar works as a degreaser, while the pop scours the surface and dispenses the scents. For better outcomes, leave the mixture on the tiles for a moment, to completely disintegrate the dirt and grease, and then wipe it off with a wet microfiber material, to have proper tile restoration.

Bathtubs and wash basins are thought to be little upkeep with regards to cleaning. You can utilise the mixture of vinegar and heating pop you prepared for cleaning tiles for cleaning the bathtubs and wash basins. Many spots prescribe using PH-impartial cleaners as they will not hurt the ceramics or stain the tiles.

#3 Get rid of dampness with perfect tile sealing

Nothing is more useful than a dry shower. Tiles are not, but grouts are porous and tend to absorb water. You should use a squeegee and hang it over the shower head of your bathroom. Make it a rule to clean up the dividers, tub, and shower entryways regularly. A couple of additional minutes at work daily can indeed limit cleaning time and extra expenditure over long periods.

You can likewise instantly get over dampness by opening a window and turning on the fumes fan while taking a shower. Leaving the entryway slightly open, after you finish showering, helps the moisture vanish and leaves your bathroom fresh.

#4 Water repellent to coat doors windows

Coatings contribute to protecting all kinds of glass and wooden surfaces from dampness. There are many low-maintenance, quality water repellent coatings available in the market. They help in saving your doors and windows from hard water stains and soap scum. Removing such stains from your glass doors and windows can be difficult, if not impossible. It is better to protect your doors and windows before their beauty gets spoiled by such stains and scum.

#5 Clean and maintain the bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture improves the class of your bathroom. The biggest mistake made is keeping wet items inside the bathroom cabinets. If it is difficult to place only dry items inside the enclosure, at least leave the cabinet doors open until the time it is entirely dry. Keeping wet items inside the cabinet can create moisture and destroy the furniture in the long run.


Use these five ways to restore your bathroom to its earlier shine and shimmer, and maintain it adequately for the years to come. Choose the right tile cleaning in Sydney to help with your tile cleaning and tile restoration.



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