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Fusion Restoration was established to provide customers with a hard floor cleaning polishing and sealing service. Cement and epoxy overlays can give you a brand new floor without the expense of ripping up old tiles. The latest machinery and up to date operator training delivers the BEST RESULTS, GUARANTEED! Fusion Restoration is an owner operated second generation company. Having a direct relationship with major chemical and sealer manufactures means we only use premier products at the best price for you.

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With years of experience, Fusion Restoration is providing the most professional and cost-effective floor cleaning and restorative solutions throughout Sydney! We are fully-certified and fully-equipped to handle the toughest cleaning and restorative jobs for your tiles, carpet, concrete, lino and vinyl floors!

Ideally, everyone wants to maintain a hygienic and spotless household or business environment, and clean floors are a major part of that image. Most people don’t know that mopping is usually the cause of your hard to clean and dirty looking tiles. It can be an ineffective way to clean because it usually results in the build-up of stubborn residue. The frustrating thing is, scrubbing your tiles can be exhausting and time-consuming, and there is only so much you can do. Unfortunately, it’s not just your kitchen floors that become discoloured by enduring dirt… showers, bathrooms, patios, driveways etc can also be affected.

Don’t burden yourself for a second by painstakingly scrubbing at your tiles, carpet or trying to wash down your concrete driveway. Our services are made for targeting the most difficult of floor cleaning jobs, the kind that average companies can’t handle!

Our trustworthy and hardworking technicians are equipped to handle cleaning all kinds of tiles, carpets, concrete, lino and vinyl floors! We have advanced truck-powered machinery which uses very high heat, pressure and vacuum to ensure your porcelain and ceramic tiles are in pristine condition. We also use the correct solutions and floor polishers, to get your hard surfaces and heavily stained carpets back to their original state. Our tile cleaning specialists will get the job done fast and produce the most dramatic results!

Apart from cleaning, Fusion Restoration seals ceramic and porcelain tiling grouts as well. Sealing grout is very difficult and requires experienced technicians to do it right. However it is essential to protect your floors from stubborn stains, makes your mopping a lot more effective, keeps yours floors cleaner for longer and protects it from deteroration.So leave it up to our trained technicians to fill in the gaps and ensure your tiles are professionally secured.

Work with us and you will feel the difference! Fusion Restoration is dedicated to giving you the best-value for a genuine, quality service! Unlike other standard grout and tile cleaning companies, we clean and restore your floors as if it were our own! Better yet, we won’t let you pay an extra dime for your floor cleaning and sealing services!

Why Choose Fusion Restoration?

You can rely on our well trained and specialist team to provide:

  • Inexpensive and fast floor cleaning and restorative solutions!
  • Professional and safe sealing and cleaning services for your porcelain tiles and grout.
  • Cleaning and restorative services for your carpet, concrete, lino and vinyl floors!
  • The most advanced equipment to produce dramatic results for your floors.
  • Guarantee your full satisfaction!
  • You don’t have to rip up old tiles to get a brand new looking floor!

At Fusion Restore, we have excellent industry experience and a wide range of cleaning and restoration services that can help you. With our cutting edge technology, we can clean your tiles, carpets, concrete and much more!

If you’re in Sydney and need the perfect tile cleaning solution, talk to our expert specialists today! We will be happy to discuss your needs in detail. After we devise you a cleaning and restorative solution that is perfect for you, we can arrange a time for us to visit you!

We also service Newcastles, Wollongong and the Blue Mountains depending on the speciality of services required.


You don’t have to imagine anymore, at Fusion Restore we can make all your tile cleaning chores disappear!
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