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Fusion Restoration is leading the way in epoxy flooring & sealing. Alluvius Metallic Mirage epoxies are customisable decorative seamless floor coating that we have become Australia’s #1 installer of.
The crystal clear self-levelling epoxy flooring system are a durable and hygienic floor that has a wide range of metallic colour options. Multiple colours can be put down at the same time and manipulated into wowing effects. Until recently many people have thought of epoxy resin flooring to be a industrial floor finish. Recently with technology advancing this is not the case anymore.

Casinos, hotels, hospitals, schools, museums, garage floors, government buildings and business have all utilized these durable and low maintenance flooring applications. We are now seeing these decorative floors being installed more and more in the residential market.

Fusion Restoration’s Alluvius epoxy’s have zero solvents, zero VOC’s and are a true 100% solid resin. Our 2020 epoxy has no fillers and the result is extremely hard wearing, crystal clear, true resin base epoxy formula. Call today and arrange a time for us to come by and give a free sealing epoxy quote. Also we can bring you some sample boards, brochures, colour charts and help you decide on what’s best what’s to improve the aesthetics of your property.

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Epoxy Flooring Benefits

•  Acid proof, unlike natural stones
•  Full stain protection and very a hygienic, seamless surface
•  Zero Solvents and self-levelling in the installation process
•  A hard wearing, durable surface that is very easy to clean
•  An attractive surface that will increase brightness to the room High gloss or matte finish available
•  A super tough garage floor coating far superior than any concrete paint

Call now and together we can discuss how to customize your colours and effects to give you a personalized floor we can both be proud of.

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